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How To Buy a Home

The Locatable Blog are delighted to present this ‘How To Buy A Home’ Infographic from our friends at AtlantisProperty. To see the image full size, click on the infographic. It’s full of great advice about finding and transacting on your new home. Enjoy!


Broadband Genie Home Broadband Awards 2014

We’re delighted to present another guest blog from the team at Broadband Genie. This time they’re talking about the recent UK broadband awards. This should make for interesting reading. Here’s a link to their home broadband survey. Awards season is upon us once more It’s not the Oscars, but to some it’s every bit asContinue Reading

The Floods – Our Perspective

We all know that Brits love to talk about the weather, but the last few weeks (months for some) have had people actively wanting to talk about something different. Depending on what you read, the UK has experienced some of the heaviest rainfall in over 200 years. It would appear on the face of itContinue Reading

Understanding Your Energy Consumption

Locatable are happy to welcome Jonny Allen and thank him for this great article about better understanding your home energy consumption. Jonny is an independent sustainability consultant based in Manchester. He can be found on Twitter @jonnyallenmcr. Energy Consumption With one eye on your carbon footprint and the other on your bank balance, energy consumptionContinue Reading

The East London Property Market – Is it all that the papers claim?

In the first of a series of guest blogs, Locatable are delighted to welcome Paul Malyon who gives us his thoughts on his part of London and his journey living in the city. Paul Malyon is a Product Manager at the global information services company, Experian. He is also a member of the Open DataContinue Reading

Mortgage Update January 2014

The home buying process can be a complex process and trying to find the right mortgage is a big part of the journey. We (as a nation) have a mixed relationship with debt. Some love it, some hate it. Bank of England figures released on 30 January show that lending to individuals in the UKContinue Reading

Rightmove HPI vs PPD Comparison

Recently we wrote about the difference between price and value in our article Property Appraisals and Valuations. The difference being essentially that price is what a vendor is asking for a property, whereas value is actually what it sells for in the open market. In reality, these two numbers will differ, and this can impact decisionContinue Reading

Council Tax Overview 2014 – London

When finding a property it’s not just the purchase price, mortgage cost or rent that you have to consider. Running costs for your property such as energy costs and council tax are also important considerations, and these will vary depending on the property type, size and location. Here we are going to consider Council Tax,Continue Reading

London – The Calm Before The Storm?

Much has been written about an impending price bubble in London in recent months, with one professor at Warwick Business School declaring there is a 93% chance London is “in the grip of a house-price bubble”. Whilst the media are quoting impending doom, this doesn’t seem to be the case on the streets. Estate agentsContinue Reading

2014 Property Market Preview

Whilst we don’t have much in common with Mystic Meg, and crystal ball gazing is about as useful as a chocolate teapot, we thought we would share our thoughts on the year ahead. Looking back for a moment, 2013 has been a year of change. It would now appear the consensus is that we areContinue Reading