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Forget the Handyman: 5 Repairs Every New Renter Should Know How to Make

This week we have a new article from our friends at SaveOnEnergy.com about a few repairs that are really easy to make for renters:

Moving into your first flat is exciting, but that independence comes with some responsibilities. What happens the first time the toilet leaks? Not only is the incessant dripping of water annoying, it’s a huge waste of money and energy. Dad is no longer around to fix the problem, and while you and your flatmates can hire a plumber, that can get quite expensive. Anyway, wouldn’t you rather keep that money for the pub? Follow these tips to fix five common problems around your flat. Your mates will be so impressed with your cleverness, they’ll be buying you a drink! Fix a leaky loo. The most likely cause of a leaking toilet is a flapper that doesn’t properly seal. You can detect this by lifting the tank lid and adding a few drops of food coloring. If the color ends up in the toilet bowl, you need to fix the flapper. Carefully lift the flapper and clean off its edges with a sponge or steel wool. Most likely it simply has mineral buildup that needs to be removed. Stop a leaky tap. A dripping tap can usually be fixed by changing out the washer that has become worn or loose and is no longer fitting snugly in the tap. First put down a towel in the basin to catch any small parts that fall when you take off the headgear. Unscrew the cover and remove the retaining screw, then take off the larger parts with a spanner. Now you can replace the washer and reassemble the tap. Fix a cold radiator. If you find one of your radiators is not heating properly, it may be that there is trapped air blocking the flow of hot water. Position a towel under the radiator valve to catch any water, then turn the key to bleed off any air. Draught-proof a window. Even when you have double-glazed windows, if there are gaps between the window and frame, you are letting in the cold. A simple draught-excluder tape or foam strip may be all you need to seal the space. These products are self-adhesive so you only need to peel the back off and stick them in place to have a cozier home. Unclog a sink. There are several methods of unclogging a slow-draining sink. Pouring in a large fizzy bottle of Coke may do the trick. Alternatively, try sprinkling baking soda down the drain followed by vinegar. The bubbles work to clean away the clog. If the sink if completely clogged though, you’ll need to remove the U-bend underneath the sink. Place a bucket directly under the pipe and use a spanner, if necessary, to take off that section. Clear the pipe and replace it.   About SaveOnEnergy.com
SaveOnEnergy.com has built a reputation as an exceptional resource for all energy consumers by
partnering with many of the most popular retail energy suppliers in the industry. Since its creation in
2003, SaveOnEnergy.com has helped millions of residential and commercial shoppers find a great rate on electricity and/or natural gas.

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