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Cleaning – the nightmare of shared accommodation!


Sharing cleaning tasks among housemates is a pain point. The Splittable app is currently putting out fires in the shared costs department. Our survey on cleaning habits suggests housesharers might need a little help when it comes to sharing cleaning too – let’s face it, we all hate it!



We undertook a survey to gain an insight in terms of what cleaning activities housesharers participate in, whether they share the cleaning duties with their housemates, and if they use any methods to track the cleaning in their homes.

Research Questions

  1. Do your housemates help you with the chores?
  2. Does your household keep track of who cleans and when?
  3. If your household does keep track of who cleans and when, how do you do so? If you don’t please skip this question.
  4. Thinking of the last time you cleaned your home, what chores did you complete? Please list, seperating each with a comma (,).


Chores are often shared within the household, with most respondents saying that they do not clean their houseshare alone.

The most commonly completed chores were cleaning of the bathroom, then washing up, with hoovering and cleaning the floors coming in third. Sound familiar?

Most houseshares do not keep track of their cleaning habits, and those that do only keep track verbally or ask amongst themselves rather than using a formal method such as a cleaning rota. Can I smell the dusty path to conflict-city?…


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