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Sharing vs Affordability Widget

Yet again, we at Splittable have been working away like the determined little beavers we are to arm you with nothing but the best tools for tackling the renting market! (metaphorically of course)

Ever wondered whether living with others and sharing your humble home is the more affordable option than living on your tod? Ever considered whether sharing makes a difference in terms of how centrally you can afford to live in this awesome city?

Luckily, the property market is full of untapped data, and the Splittable team is full of data enthusiasts craving to put it to good use!

On that note, it’s time to welcome our latest addition to the family toolbox – a truly incredible widget for generation rent…


Sharing vs. Affordability: A London Heatmap

By teaming up with FindProperly, we’ve created a marvellous aid for renters who care about getting the most out of their money. The map shows where you could live in London on your budget if you lived on your own, versus if you shared with at least one, two or three others.

Our tool is not only fun to use and easily customised to reflect your personal budget using the slider feature, but helpful on a practical level for the everyday renter seeking a little help with the big renting dilemmas.

No longer is there any reason to make decisions blind when you could use our instantly illuminating London Heatmap. Get important answers to the sharing vs. affordability debate with the slide of a mouse!

Our findings were pretty conclusive…

1. The best way to reduce your rent is to share a larger property with other people.

2. Sharing means a shorter commute, as you can afford to live more centrally.

The data doesn’t lie. Go see for yourself! At Splittable, we believe you’re never too old for fun. In fact, it would be irresponsible of you if you didn’t play around with this widget.

Give it a go! 

If you love the widget and you love sharing, pass it on to a friend in need: https://www.splittable.co/housesharing/sharing-vs-affordability-london


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