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The New Locatable: Your Digital Property Toolbox

Time flies when you’re having fun, or buried doing customer research!

Hi there, I’m Nick, co-founder and CEO of Locatable. While our horizons are and have always been bright, they have changed direction a little, so I wanted to give you an update on what’s going on with our business and where we’re at.


Starting Again

Since joining and re-jigging the Locatable team in the summer of 2013, we’ve spent a huge amount of time out in the market doing customer research on people’s property journeys and their biggest pain points. We’ve always been about trying to help solve problems that people like you and me face in the property market. That hasn’t changed.


Problems in the Property Market

I know I’ve faced my own fair share of problems having now rented 9 different properties (! and soon to be 10) in my past 4 years in London. This in large part why I have become so fascinated (some might say obsessed) with trying to help others learn from my mistakes and put the vast quantities of information to use for the common man and woman, rather than just “professionals” in the space. You’ll see a renewed focus from us on our social media accounts and blogs helping to share and collect people’s housing stories, good and bad, including my own recent eviction story which I will publish soon and link to here. If you’ve got any housing tales locked away, we’d love to hear them and possibly feature them in a future blog or elsewhere: contact@locatable.com.


Expanding our horizons: Locatable becomes your digital property toolbox

We realised that while finding where to live and an actual property to move into is still super important (our first tool the Area Finder attacked this), there are all sorts of complexities that exist once you move in as well. Locatable has therefore evolved to become more than a tool to help you figure out where you want to live and instead, a platform for making better property decisions – or as we like to say – a digital property toolbox. Our new focus is on creating a platform to help you to live better and happier once you have found a place, while continuing to help you make decisions along the way on your property journey.


Focus on houseshares: Splittable and “The Housemates’ Guide to Happiness”

Up next, will be a web-enabled tool, “Splittable”, which is designed to help housesharers to split all the various costs in the home. Sign up for updates and to get into our beta-testing programme from our homepage. In
the meantime, using our research & experience based knowledge of common conflict areas in houseshares, we’ve recently launched The Housemate’s Guide to Happiness. Please feel free to check it out and you can read more about it on our blog HERE.


Other people like us too (it’s not just me, thankfully!)

We’ve been getting some good press on our work thus far, including a mention from a top property technology investor Faisal Butt, co-founder of Hamilton Bradshaw with James Caan, in his article entitled Property 3.0 HERE. His article was also featured in Estate Agent Today HERE. A new blogger on the scene, mysteriously named the “Real Estate Pundit” has seemed to take a liking to us as well, and discussed our business alongside other new entrants HERE and the launch of our Housemates’ Guide to Happiness HERE.

We’re also are proud to say that Generation Rent are helping to support our journey:

“Renters have more than enough on their plates to be dealing with flatmate tiffs. We welcome the work Locatable are doing to promote the sustained happiness of private renters, starting with this great guide, which sets out principles for housesharers to agree to, in order to keep their home a haven of happiness.” – Alex Hilton, Director, GenerationRent.org


Not Just About Business

We of course want to be successful, but genuine believe this starts and ends with something super simple: helping people. We’re delighted to have been asked to join a campaign supporting unlocking empty rooms in the UK with some stellar businesses and charities, which we will be announcing soon. We also will be donating a portion of our earnings as a business to charitable causes involving both homelessness and affordable housing. Eventually, we’d love to take a more direct role in helping with the housing crisis in the UK and beyond…because frankly, whether it’s making headlines or not, and in any country you look at…there are always disadvantaged people who will struggle to put a roof over their head and manage their home. We want to make sure that as we evolve and grow, we continue to give back and make sure at the end of the day, we’re helping people live better lives at home through our technology, campaigning and financial support.


The Future

Expect to hear and see more of us in the press as we launch Splittable, please help spread the word and let me know if you’d like to discuss anything #proptech #retech related for your stories.

The home is a really important place. We’re dedicated to making sure that managing it is a breeze. We’re developing your digital property toolbox and filling it with lovely web tools to make your life at home a little bit more wonderful, and producing content to help guide and support your property journey.

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