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The 10 best and worst places to live in London

Having published our analysis of the best and worst places to live in England last week, we took the opportunity to zoom in on London and produce the same rankings, but just for the capital.

It uses the same method as before – we combined the data for education, health and deprivation for every ward across Greater London and then ranked them. There were about 25 wards for which there was not enough data, mostly in the City of London.



Best 10 places to live in London:

  1. St. Margaret’s and North Twickenham – Richmond-upon-Thames
  2. South Twickenham – Richmond-upon-Thames
  3. Wimbledon Village – Merton
  4. Thamesfield – Wandsworth
  5. Twickenham Riverside – Richmond-upon-Thames
  6. Wimbledon Park – Merton
  7. East Sheen – Richmond-upon-Thames
  8. Tudor – Kingston-upon-Thames
  9. South Richmond – Richmond-upon-Thames
  10. Canbury – Kingston-upon-Thames

Worst 10 places to live in London:

  1. Queen’s Park – City of Westminster
  2. Bruce Grove – Haringey
  3. Edmonton Green – Enfield
  4. Higham Hill – Waltham Forest
  5. Leyton – Waltham Forest
  6. Tottenham Green – Haringey
  7. Lea Bridge – Waltham Forest
  8. Markhouse – Waltham Forest
  9. Woolwich Common – Greenwich
  10. Northumberland Park – Haringey

Whilst it may be no surprise that the most affluent areas are found in the south-west, and the least so to the north and east, the extent of the east-west divide is certainly striking. The other large area that is relatively worse off is in west London, along the M4 corridor (or perhaps the Heathrow flight path?).

Are you a Londoner from one of these areas? Do you agree or disagree with them? Tweet us @locatable and let us know what you think. As always, you can also use the Locatable search engine to find the best places to live in London based on your own needs!

For more information on the method and data sources used, please refer to our previous post.

8 Responses to The 10 best and worst places to live in London

  1. Jayne says:

    Some of the best places to live in London are Balham (south), Wanstead (east), Crouch End (north) and Chiswich (west).

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  3. tilq says:

    I am looking to move to London with my 3 year old son as a single mother, I am 20, what areas would be the most beneficial for me also what are the safer areas to live, I have always lived in a small town 3 hrs south from London so don’t know the area at all, but I have been interested in Camden town? Is this a good area? Or would somewhere else be better?

    • Locatable says:

      Camden Town’s a great area. It’s very well located, connected, and it’s one of the best areas in London for going out. The only drawback is that these days it can be very expensive. For now, we do have a post about value for money areas to live in London. If you check back early next week, our first set of research and information tools is going live and that should also be very helpful for you.

    • andy says:

      I would strongly recommend Muswell Hill. The schools are excellent, its surrounded by green open spaces, its on a hill and shops and amenities are probably more family orientated than anywhere else in london. The two draw backs are cost of property (although still more affordable than most of those place named in the top ten best places to live) and transport links. We live in Alexandra Park which next to muswell hill and is more affordable, has a sense of community and better transport links, but the shops are pretty limited. Crouch end is also a nice place to bring up a family.

  4. Darren says:

    Hi everyone, would West Hampstead be a safe place to live in London? I have been thinking of moving to London for years, I’m from Northern Ireland.

  5. samantha marsdin says:

    hello good day i am looking for a very quiet affordable child freindly area to move to in london can anyone tell me where is a nice place to live i am a mom of 4 kids a single mom kind regards from s.marsdin!

  6. Londoner says:

    There are no “safe place” to live in London and everywhere in London IS safe to live. In reality the chance of getting burgled, mugged, stabbed/killed is just as high/little in Richmond as it is in Harlesden.. In 2013 ‘only’ 98 people were murdered in the capital, 80% being domestic cases and with population of 8mil London IS one of the safest cities on the planet!